International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP’s) Quarterly Partner Briefing was a 2-day event created to bring Microsoft partners together to showcase all of the amazing partner opportunities Microsoft has to offer and help partners expand their networks. The event, delivered on Social27 Virtual Event Platform, included 107 sessions, 853 attendees, 15 sponsors, and 82 speakers.

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Average Time Spent in the event per day per attendee: 184 Minutes

Days of event: 2 days

Number of attendees: 853

Number of Sessions: 107 (49 live and 58 on demand)

Making A Space for Meaningful Engagements

To many, meeting new people and making connections are what makes attending an event worthwhile. Facilitating new connections (or keeping up old ones) not only drives attendees to your event, it also drives engagement with your content and sponsors.

For the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), allowing attendees to make connections with fellow Microsoft partners and sponsors was crucial in creating a valuable, comfortable event experience.

It was important that IAMCP held onto their quarterly in-person event’s core values, while also creating a one-of-a-kind virtual experience to get Microsoft partners excited to attend.

Quarterly Partner Briefing

At the Quarterly Partner Briefing, attendees were able to connect directly with Microsoft leaders, experts, and the world’s largest community of Microsoft partners all in one place.

Microsoft partners joined to learn more about how they could best utilize the latest technology and innovations for enhancing their teams’ skills, their own skills, improve organizational efficiency, and grow their business.

Because the event was created by Microsoft partners for Microsoft partners, IAMCP knew how to highlight the best parts of Social27 Virtual Event Platform for their attendees to maximize their event experience.

Not only that, the event also presented sponsors and Microsoft partners in a fresh, unique way.

Let’s take a deeper look at how the features on Social27 Virtual Event Platform helped IAMCP’s attendees foster connections.

During the Event

  • Sessions started: There were 3,329 uses for clicking the play button on sessions over the 2-day event period.
  • Chats sent: There were 1,650 moderated and unmoderated chats sent from attendees during live and on demand sessions.
  • Connections made: Overall, there were 5,417 connections made between attendees.
  • Roundtables: With 6 participants max to a Roundtable, there were 77 Roundtables created during the event.
  • Boardrooms: With 30 participants max to a Boardroom, there were 50 Boardrooms created during the event.
  • Hello World!: There were 45 attendee uses for recording a 30-second Hello World! video to introduce themselves to others at the event.

Social27 Virtual Event Platform allowed IAMCP to curate relevant attendee and sponsor experiences unique to the virtual environment.

It not only provided attendees opportunities to network and engage with content on their own time but also served recommended content, connections, and sponsors to attendees with the help of Social27’s Recommendation and Prediction Engine.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Recommendation and Prediction Engine works.

Client virtual event testimonial quote image
“I have received a lot of positive feedback about the Quarterly Partner Briefing, both from partners and from the Microsoft leaders who participated. For partners, the QPB is becoming a quarterly opportunity to dialogue with the Microsoft leadership; and we are realising that the Microsoft leadership also values the ability to have open conversations with the channel not only on key business topics like Partner programmes and incentives but also about how Microsoft platforms and products enable partners to build more inclusive solutions” – Sarika Malhotra, IAMCP International President”


Social27 Recommendation Engine

The Social27 Recommendation and Prediction Engine is a unique feature on Social27 Virtual Event Platform that helps connect attendees with speakers, sponsors and exhibitors, fellow attendees, sessions, and content that relate most to an attendee’s chosen Areas of Interest.

The Recommendation Engine then uses AI to learn from attendee behavior to further customize the event experience for each individual attendee.

At IAMCP’s Quarterly Partner Briefing, the Recommendation Engine helped surface and connect attendees with the sponsors, content, and people they care about most, or may not have thought to engage with before.

This gave attendees many opportunities to reach out and engage if they felt comfortable to do so; thus, putting the power of the event experience in their hands. Attendees then could easily connect, start a Roundtable, a private chat, and so much more with other likeminded attendees and event sponsors on their own time throughout the event ­– creating a new environment for attendees to connect like never before.

Outcomes from the Event

Social27 Virtual Event Platform helped provide a space in which attendees could go back to the event at any time they wanted for up to 2 months beyond the event date. This helped attendees experience and engage further with the event content, as well as continue to chat and network with other attendees and sponsors to make even more meaningful connections.

It also helped promote connections that attendees could follow up with at future Quarterly Partner Briefings on Social27 Virtual Event Platform.

This showed attendees that IAMCP knew how important fostering connections are and how they understood that it’s not always easy to connect with new people in a virtual or in-person event environment. The platform allowed attendees to simply view their suggested connections on their profile or search the Attendee Directory, chat, start a Roundtable, or reach out to network outside of the event – making connections as simple as the click of a button.

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