Charger Dealer Virtual Event was a one-day event created to educate attendees about new and innovative water treatment products and solutions, all delivered on Social27 Virtual Event Platform. Their event included 10 sponsors, 7 speaker sessions, and hundreds of attendees.

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Average Days Attended per attendee: 1.59 (with 30% of the attendees revisiting the event content after the event was finished)

Average Time Spent per Day per attendee: 2h:43m:28s

Days of event: 1 day

Number of attendees: 126

Number of Sessions: 7 live sessions

Client virtual event testimonial quote image
“We have received an overwhelming amount of unsolicited very positive feedback. This event really helped to elevate our brand and position in the industry. We are already onboarding new dealers. It was a massive success.” – Charger Water

Bring Sales to the Virtual World

Sales conferences are the perfect environment for companies to expand their customer base and inform them about new products or services that they offer.

But, because of the cancellations of in-person sales conferences and events due to COVID-19, many companies are looking for ways to deliver information and demonstrations to their customers virtually.

Luckily, companies like Charger Water Solutions can utilize virtual events to reach out and inform their customers in an impactful way. And, help clients:

  • Identify new products that fit their needs
  • Network with other attendees that share similar interests
  • Learn and share their own best practices

Day of the Virtual Event

On the day of the event, attendees were guided on a journey to engage with 7 consecutive sessions where they:

  • Got an overview of the event
  • Learned how businesses can overcome today’s challenges
  • Learned digital marketing best-practices to elevate their businesses and increase leads
  • Learned how to best utilize co/op funds and propose new alternatives that have a better return in today’s world
  • Examined the best ways to secure and convert leads
  • Got an awesome sneak peek at the new KENAI Collection
  • Saw closing remarks on how to plan for the future, while learning how Charger is going to support their clients in this ‘new world’

With this virtual event format, Charger Water was able to give their clients’ industry tips and tricks, all while supporting their brand, increasing sales, and informing their customers in a new and exciting way about their (and their sponsors) products and services.

Networking and Usage

  • Sessions Started (includes live interactive Q&A sessions with keynote speakers): Overall, there were 85 uses for attendees hitting the “Play” button over the 1-day event period.
  • Roundtables: With 6 participants max to a Roundtable, there were 368 Roundtables created.

“For our attendees, the benefits of the Social27 platform was how user friendly it was, even for those who are technically challenged. It allowed our attendees to easily participate in and enjoy the day.” – The Charger Water Team

Social27 knows that networking is key to a successful virtual event. So, it’s no surprise that the most popular feature during Charger Dealer Virtual Event was Roundtables. Roundtables allow customers to meet face-to-face with other attendees, speakers, sponsors, and members of the Charger Water team to discuss topics brought up in sessions, participate in product demos, and more.

With chat and real-time interaction with speakers and sponsors via Moderated Q&A, the Sessions chat feature was also among the most used features. Charger Water noted that Sessions chat naturally flowed into Roundtables for many of their attendees.

“The ability to host a live Q&A after each session allowed us to interact with attendees in real time. It created conversations that were carried over to the Roundtables.” – Charger Water Team

These features helped Charger’s customers get to know their brand on a more personal level, and promoted more informed, educated, and connected customers.

Virtual Event Analytics with Social27 Dashboard

After the event, Charger Water also has the ability to access detailed insights from the event on Social27 Virtual Events Platform dashboard. These valuable, actionable insights include account-level insights, attendee-level insights, and content-level insights.

Charger can utilize these insights to see:

  • What the most popular sessions were
  • What the most popular feature was on the platform
  • What content performed the best, and what content needs work for future sales conferences
  • Who viewed what content and for how long
  • And so much more

By using Social27 Virtual Events Platform, Charger Water showcased why their brand stands out from the rest, all while educating their customers and receiving useful insights along the way.

Outcomes from the Event

By making Charger Virtual Event a virtual event, attendees had greater accessibility to information about various products and suppliers, which in turn gave more exposure to the organizations that participated in the event.

They went beyond the normal brochure or demo to give attendees a comprehensive understanding of their services, products, partnerships, and collaborations with sponsors; creating a network of brand advocates working to promote their products.

Thinking About Hosting Your Own Virtual Event?

“We are committed to using Social27 for several upcoming events. I would most definitely recommend other companies utilize the Social27 platform. They will not be disappointed.” – The Charger Water Team.

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