There are several challenges that businesses must overcome in event marketing. To contact clients through various channels, such as social media, emails, and events, the marketing approach must be diverse. Being able to connect with clients and answer their inquiries about your goods or services makes event marketing extremely effective.

The good news is that switching to virtual events may help business owners overcome many of their toughest event marketing issues, which comes as a surprise to many. Virtual events offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to problems related to traditional events.

Perfect solution for budgetary issues. Virtual events are less expensive than traditional events because they do not require venue rental, transportation, lodging, and food for participants. Additionally, organizers can reach a wider audience, which can reduce marketing costs. Even more people can be reached by recording and sharing virtual events in the future

Appropriate solution for difficulty in measuring event success. Virtual events can be measured in real-time, allowing organizers to track event performance. The event’s organizers get access to data on the quantity of participants, the length of their participation, the most popular sessions, and the number of attendees who made purchases because of the event. This data allows organizers to make informed decisions about their future events.

Here’s how virtual events can solve your current event marketing challenges and revitalize your marketing strategy:

1. Providing the correct material to the correct audience is challenging

Virtual events offer highly personalized experiences for your audience. With platforms like the Social27 Virtual Event Platform, it’s easy to recommend sessions, networking opportunities, and sponsors that perfectly suit each participant based on their interests and needs.

Moreover, data analysis from virtual events can help businesses achieve their sales and marketing goals. By using registration and participation data, businesses can better understand the needs of their target audience and adjust their marketing strategy accordingly. As a result of the exceptional visibility into each participant’s interactions with the event that virtual events offer, participants can get important knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.

2. Effect on the Environment

Environmental impact reducing travel associated with events is not only beneficial for your budget, but also for the environment. Businesses and consumers are increasingly focused on sustainability and environmental awareness these days. In-person events can generate a lot of waste and carbon emissions. From travel and energy consumption to single-use plastics and paper used to distribute food and materials to participants, in-person events can have a significant impact on the environment.

On the other hand, virtual events are more environmentally friendly. The University of Michigan published a case study on a virtual event that showed the event created 66 times less greenhouse gas emissions than an equivalent in-person meeting. Consider becoming virtual if your company is seeking methods to lessen its carbon footprint.

So why not switch to a virtual event? You could reach a wider audience, reduce your costs, and have a positive environmental impact.

3. Cost effective & efficient

But the benefits of virtual events don’t stop there. To appeal to a wider audience, event planners may also create hybrid virtual events, which mix aspects of in-person and virtual events. Although events are a very powerful marketing tool, they aren’t always the most economical choice.

Events held in person tend to be expensive. It is important to pay for meals, supplies, rental for a space, and other costs. You can even be required to pay for airfare and lodging in addition to the speaker’s usual cost if you wish to hire renowned speakers.

To appeal to a wider audience, event planners may also create hybrid virtual events, which mix aspects of in-person and virtual events. Virtual events are a more affordable choice if this appears out of your company’s price range. While conducting a virtual event, you don’t need to be concerned about travel costs or book a real location.

4. Lack of measurable return

Let’s go on to talking about how to figure out an event’s return on investment (ROI). With a typical in-person event, it can be difficult to measure how your event marketing initiatives performed compared to your key performance indicators (KPIs). Fortunately, when you organize or sponsor a virtual event, you can determine specific results and measure performance by analyzing the data provided by your virtual event platform. With a virtual event, you can measure:

• Attendance at the event and attendee engagement
• Visits to exhibition stands
• The number of chats sent, and connections made

If you want to achieve your sales goals and make sure that your business is successful, virtual events are a smart choice. They are more efficient and provide more accurate performance measurements.

Although investing in a virtual event platform may seem overwhelming, it may significantly affect your company’s success.

5. Reaching a spread-out audience is difficult

Customers and partners for businesses are frequently dispersed throughout the nation or perhaps the globe. If you sell your products through e-commerce, relying solely on in-person events can limit your ability to reach your entire customer base.

Virtual events are ideal for businesses that need to reach geographically. With many companies adopting remote work models, it’s harder than ever to bring everyone together for B2B events in a central location. Virtual events help bridge the distance by allowing participants to join from wherever they reside.

6. Security and health

Modern technologies are more essential than ever for organizations to fulfill their goals in sales and marketing. One thing that pandemic has taught all of us is organizing in-person events has become more challenging than ever. That’s where virtual events come in.

Since they are secure, effective, and able to meet the needs of all parties involved, virtual events are the greatest choice. Whether you want to organize a hybrid or fully virtual event, virtual events are the safest way to reach your target audience.

With Social27’s Virtual Event Platform, you can overcome your event marketing challenges.

It’s time to take charge of your marketing approach and advance your company. Virtual events are the safest and most effective solution for achieving your sales and marketing goals, and cutting-edge platforms like the Social27 Virtual Event Platform offer highly personalized solutions to meet the needs of each participant.

Have you considered opting for a virtual event on the Social27 Virtual Event Platform? With this platform, you can expand your reach, reduce your costs, minimize your environmental impact, and satisfy your participants along with achieving your sales goals, analyze data, and succeed in the business world.

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