As businesses of all sizes turn to virtual events to continue engaging with their customers and communities, many are aware of the longtime virtual event and webinar platform On24. Why then are companies like Microsoft, Tableau, and the Association of Talent Development turning to Social27 Virtual Event Platform?

It’s simple! No other virtual event platform is built on as robust foundations in content, community, ecosystems, and insights as Social27 Virtual Event Platform.

While On24 gives companies the ability to hold webinars, Social27 Virtual Event Platform gives companies the power to build long-lasting communities that make a bigger impact.

The similarities between On24 and Social27 Virtual Event Platform

Aside from the obvious (webcasting for instance), there are some similarities between On24 and Social27 Virtual Event Platform. Some shared capabilities include:

  • Livestreaming
  • Engagement Tools
  • Content Insights
  • Branding and Identity Customization
  • Support
  • CRM Integration

Even in these capabilities there lie many differences in approach, adaptability, customization, depth, etc.

The difference between On24 and Social27 Virtual Event Platform

While there are several features that differ between the two platforms, the biggest differences are our: ability to consult on best-practices and execute on content deliverables, our deep understanding of the attendee experience, and our hands-on guidance and support throughout your event.

Social 27 Virtual Event Platform Testimonial

Every event has a unique audience with their own, specific needs. Social27 understands this and ensures every virtual event on our platform caters to the needs of its attendees. Our Virtual Event Platform is built on three key pillars that we believe makes every corporate virtual event a success:

  1. Engaging, interactive content
  2. Easy ways for attendees to connect and network
  3. Intuitively showcasing an event’s sponsors and ecosystem

We achieve these markers of success via our recommendation engine, real-time insights and historical data, and creative ways to bring the best parts of in-person events to the virtual space.

“I was not only buying a technology solution that could meet my business needs but that they also brought out-of-the-box creative ideas and really had a vested interest in the success of the event all up.” – Barbara Williams, Global Mobile Marketing Lead at Microsoft

Every event is unique and serves their attendees in distinctive ways. Social27 Virtual Event Platform is agile. Attendees at a three-day training event expect a different experience from attendees at a week-long convention that keeps its content up as an attendee membership community hub until their next event. Social27 treats every event as a new community while leaning on available data and tried-and-true best practices.

We work closely with event hosts on meeting their attendees’ needs and our recommendation engine ensures each attendee gets a similarly catered experience.

Through our CRM integration and the areas of interests attendees select upon entering the event, our recommendation engine:

  • Connects attendees with similar interests, roles, industries, etc.
  • Adds relevant events to their agenda
  • Maps and surfaces the most relevant sponsors to attendees
  • Surfaces the types of content based on the types of content attendees are responding to

You can learn more about our recommendation engine here!

Social27 Virtual Event Platform also utilizes our AI Assistant and Playlist to ensure attendees have the best experience possible. Sponsors can leverage AI Assistants to field frequently asked questions and intelligently set up meetings or demos with interested attendees. They can also take advantage of Playlists to showcase their most compelling content supported by our recommendation engine.

After all is said and done, the final piece is the rich insights. Social27 Event Platform not only gives insights into the efficacy of your content, but also account-level insights. You can dive deeper into your account-level insights to see which contacts in which accounts engaged with what content, for how long, whether they shared content, and who they shared it with.

The result?

More engaged attendees, better ROI for sponsors, and more, highly qualified leads for you.

Still reading?

Social27 Virtual Event Platform is more than a platform to livestream your event. It’s an interactive, virtual community that educates, inspires, and connects attendees. It’s also a platform that produces rich insights and captures qualified leads for event-holders.

On top of this, the Social27 team is a dedicated, creative team that ensures every event is unique and fosters a fruitful experience for attendees and event holders alike.

With Social27 Virtual Event Platform

Social27 understands what makes events great and how to capture the energy of an in-person event and harness that energy into your virtual event(s).

With Social27, you can:

  • My Agenda: Intelligently recommended Sessions, Roundtables, and other content are added to attendee’s agendas which they can further customize and add events
  • Sessions: Stream live and on-demand sessions with interactive features to keep attendees engaged
  • Networking Lounge: Give attendees multiple ways to connect and utilize our recommendation engine and data from your CRM to connect relevant attendees with each other
  • Roundtable: Create branded workshops and allow attendees to create small, virtual group-gatherings that seat up to six to deepen attendees’ relationship with the brand and each other
  • Support: The Social27 team is dedicated to the success of every event on our platform and are here to guide event holders in best-practices and content creation as well as react in real-time to frequently asked questions and creating new guides to strengthen the attendee experience
  • Rich Insights: Rich insights on the content, account, and individual attendee level with in-depth reporting

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