With so many new advancements in Artificial Intelligence in the past couple years, how do you know where to start when implementing AI into your business? Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to seem difficult and unobtainable to people who didn’t work in the tech industry, but it no longer has to be that way. There are so many avenues to go down in the current world of AI, so that once ‘otherworldly’ technology can now be used by anyone.

AI is currently advancing the workplace in a lot of ways. Companies and business leaders alike are wondering about these new advancements in AI and whether their workloads are a good fit for intelligent transformation.

Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from implementing AI your business by using Microsoft business productivity tools and Office 365.

Microsoft Project Cortex

Recently, Microsoft released Project Cortex, an advanced cognitive service that captures content, recognizes content types, extracts important information, and automatically organizes content into topics. Project Cortex allows for the connection of content in Microsoft 365 and external content so that you can manage all the information in your workplace in one, single location.

Project Cortex is a great example of AI efficiently and silently working in the background, identifying content and enabling quick content discovery with tons of intelligent context.

We here at Social27 are thrilled with Project Cortex and its Automation and AI abilities. Because we utilize and develop AI solutions, it’s become a keystone in our everyday practices and workloads.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the real-world benefits of Project Cortex, the possibilities it has to offer, and some uses cases around AI:

Image and Text Recognition

Forms Processing

Machine Teaching


These core features serve as the building blocks of Project Cortex features such as “topic cards” and “knowledge centers,” where it collects and organizes knowledge found in an organization’s data. Topic cards and knowledge centers equip employees with easy-to-find information on topics such as a topic summary, topic experts within the organization, related resources, and related topics. By simply hovering over a term or phrase, which is indexed by AI and highlighted with an underline, employees can access information as they might on a Wikipedia page.

Using Project Cortex in your business

With underlying AI technologies, Project Cortex lets businesses transform data into information with the help of image and text recognition, forms processing, and machine teaching. Build intelligent insights and in turn build intelligent solutions for your business.

Check out this short video to see how a project manager can benefit from Project Cortex while performing daily tasks at work.

How we use Project Cortex

At Social27, we leverage Microsoft’s Project Cortex for a number of capabilities in our own solutions.

These capabilities, such as Microsoft Graph, Natural Language Processing and Language Understanding, give our customers the power to leverage intelligent scheduling, sentiment analysis, conversational intelligence and more. Plus, we can give our customers the peace-of-mind that their and their customer’s data is highly secure and compliant with industry standards and regulatory bodies.

On top of this, we have integrated all our solutions with Microsoft Teams to give our customers the best possible experience. Project Cortex not only integrates with Microsoft Teams, but Outlook and across Office products as well.

At Social27

Leveraging AI is a great way to help your business thrive. Being an automation company and a Microsoft Gold partner, we here at Social27 are experts on utilizing AI innovations to their fullest potential. To learn more about how to automate and accelerate your buyer’s journey with our help, please visit social27.com.

And don’t forget to check out the full video about Project Cortex.