Imagine turning perceptions into concrete data by analyzing all your customer calls and emails. Keep sales and marketing teams motivated by effortlessly implementing your own Social27 Conversational Intelligence dashboard into your business.

Sales and customer service reps are on the front lines of every business. They are constantly busy making call after call, so often, and don’t have time to do much of anything else. Having the ability to actually document these calls so that other reps are able to look back and learn, would be incredibly helpful to not only the sales and customer service teams, but to the business overall.

Even though data entry is not their primary job function, they are still expected to input detailed notes after every call. But as we all know, about 90% of these calls and emails are lost, and the day goes on. These are high-pressure jobs and have the highest turnover in most industries. And this churn causes the loss of very valuable customer conversations and related information.

But why does it have to be this way?

It’s such a shame that no more than 10% of the conversations that happen with customers during a sales call, or a customer service call, actually get documented in your system. Imagine a world where you could potentially view every email and phone interaction that happened during the day. How amazing would it be if you could actually get insight and understanding into 100% of those customer conversations?

Enter conversational intelligence. Conversational intelligence is a great tool to assist managers in understanding how their employees’ sales calls are operating and how to better improve them. Using precise, AI-driven insights, your company can now recognize what the top concerns are for most customers so that you are able to hear straight from the source on how to make better improvements on current, or future sales calls. This takes out the pain of sitting through a call where your customers’ potential questions, concerns, and needs aren’t met to their expectations.

Benefits of Conversational Intelligence:

Without using conversational intelligence, managers have to listen in on live calls as well as manually sift through emails to make sure that their sales representatives are well-rehearsed and end up choosing the best topics and questions that are most important to the customer. This practice is time-consuming for managers; by implementing conversational intelligence instead of listening in, you can save time to focus on what projects or projections are most meaningful to you.

By using conversational intelligence platforms, managers can:

1. Observe top concerns of customers

2. Discover what products are getting the most attention

3. Understand how agents are doing during the call

Putting Conversational Intelligence to use

You’re sitting there thinking, “Is it even possible to make these calls more efficient?” Enter the Social27 AI-powered Conversational Intelligence dashboard. Using the Conversational Intelligence dashboard, you can now search, share and analyze sales calls and emails to keep sales, customer service and marketing teams motivated.

With our dashboard, automation and augmentation are intricately intertwined thanks to both human and machine seamlessly working together to make any member on your team achieve and exceed revenue goals over time.

Here are some of the ways in which our Conversational Intelligence dashboard can help you visualize your team members’ sales calls:

1. Process call recordings at scale

2. Generate valuable insights like call sentiment and track keywords

3. Gain a comprehensive overview of all the calls, allowing managers to identify areas of improvement and provide training

By using our Conversational Intelligence dashboard, you can benefit by readily anticipating what’s working and what’s not. This benefits sales teams in that they are able to recognize how to make their calls and performance better.

Using trackers

In order to best serve your customers, your Conversational Intelligence dashboard is equipped with trackers that find keywords or phrases that are mentioned most. This not only shows what your customers are mentioning in conversations to find out what they are actually interested in, but it also tracks if your sales and marketing teams are mentioning the correct words or plugging the proper products so that you can see who is on track.

By adding pre-tagged tracker words, you can analyze your calls further. What if multiple customers state a phrase or a specific word during sales calls? You can pre-tag those words so that your sales teams can bring them up in conversation to improve the way your team members conduct themselves during the most critical moments. What if your sales team isn’t pushing a specific product enough? Your Conversational Intelligence dashboard will tell you immediately how much a team member talks about a specific product on an individual scale or a large-scale basis. Extracting insights is right at your fingertips and is the best way to tailor conversations to your customers.

The Conversational Intelligence dashboard enables you to view the sentiment of the conversation, whether the conversation is positive, negative or neutral, allowing you to understand the attitude of the customer. If a customer does not like a specific topic or a team member is pushing something too hard, you will be able to see this on your dashboard and make changes accordingly.

Trackers used for training

One of the most essential aspects of conversational intelligence is training. By using trackers on keywords, the topics and concerns that are continually brought up in conversations can then be used to train employees to make their sales calls more tailored to the customer. Training with sales teams, and guiding marketing teams in the right direction, becomes a breeze. Managers can now effortlessly access information about their sales calls in real-time, any time.

The tracker on your Conversational Intelligence dashboard can also include keywords associated with your competitors. Competitive trackers can be implemented so that you are able to view what is mentioned about your competitors, when it comes up during conversations and why it has been brought up. This helps you identify where you have an edge over your competitors and how you can improve your sales calls and marketing teams if your competitors have an edge over you.

Competitive trackers can also detect whether your products are similar to your competitors’ products and shows you what you can do to make your sales and marketing teams standout even further. This also helps your company create superior content that is more catered to your customers’ needs. You can be an expert in your field and handle the comparisons to your competitors like a pro.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The Conversational Intelligence dashboard can display additional behavioral key performance indicators (KPIs). More specifically, it can tell you the talk-to-listen ratio, the switch rate and when team members pause before speaking. This is extremely useful information when needing to know:

1. How frequent an agent listens versus talks

2. How engaged the customer is

3. Whether or not the agent is high jacking the conversation

These behavioral KPIs support company compliance, which also puts you at ease because you now can make sure that team members are treating customers with respect and are being responsible with their time and word choices.

Partnering in your conversational intelligence projects

Do you want to create lasting trust with your customers? The unique call treatment you can give customers with all of these features will not go unnoticed!

At Social27, we strive to understand your business needs and jointly develop the right AI automation strategy with the help of a step-by-step framework and best practices from across the industry. Subsequently, our automation products and solutions can enable rapid deployment and value realization.

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