In my first Flip the Drip blog, I introduced the idea of flipping the drip and how it integrates with the modern flipped sales funnel. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out. In this blog, I’m going to in greater depth to show how flipping the drip works and outline some steps on how to do it.

Binge Then Drip

The most effective sales funnel is one that is inverted, and drives in fewer, better leads with more engagement and retention. Remember, the funnel is narrow at the top, and wide at the bottom.

Effective marketing campaigns are also in need of an overhaul. Because customers want content on-demand, companies must learn ways of providing the most relevant content up front and then personalizing it to each user as the data comes rolling in.

Like Netflix, your content needs to be all in one place so that users have plenty to consume. This will keep them engaged and allow them to find the information they need. If you have 8 pieces of content that drips over a few weeks, you are likely to lose attention.

Binge content allows you to rapidly understand your customers needs and intents so that you can reach out at the right moments with the right information. Your AI assistant can interact with prospective customers to address customer problems and needs to schedule a sales call then and there. By engaging the customer with pertinent content when they are most actively interested in your products or services, you can accelerate conversion and close fast.


Flipping the drip also allows you to keep customers engaged post-sale; here is where the drip comes in. As you gain more user data and better understand your customers, you can tailor your content to their needs. New information enables you to drip content into customers playlists that is most suited to their exact needs.

Consistently updated binge-able content provides your customers with a wide variety of things to choose from, such as: education, use case, tutorial, best-practices and even collaboration opportunities within the organization.

Nurturing your customer relationship with a large volume of the most applicable content ensures high customer success and increases up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

How to Flip Your Drip

Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at how flipping the drip works:

1. Binge

Begin by putting all of your content forward. This helps potential customers in the awareness and consideration stages.

Use insights from engagement behavior (what they looked at and for how long), AI assistant chat conversations, employees’ specific roles in the company, as well as other pertinent company information to begin to curate their content. Using AI tools like automated intent extraction, you can use real-time insights to understand and respond to customer needs promptly.

This stage provides you with the information needed to understand your potential customer’s product needs and buying propensity. It’s a bit like speed dating for sales, you learn lots about each other and quickly determine whether it’s a good fit.

2. Assist

Your assistance begins at the binge stage by better understanding your potential customers, but it really gets geared up when you begin to curate their content and start scheduling demos and sales calls.

In the assist stage, your AI assistant will reach out with additional questions to determine user intents and offer to provide additional content. These conversations will build a better, more detailed understanding of your potential customers.

Ideally, you will be able to schedule a sales call and close right away, but it doesn’t always work this way.

Effective assistance from your AI Assistant will ensure that you identify and engage customers at their highest propensity so that they will purchase your products or services quicker.

3. Extract

Extraction happens from the very beginning. All user data needs to be catalogued and then added to account profiles. This will help you in understanding each account on a detailed scale, and will in turn help you understand individual influencers in the account.

Data should be compiled from lead identification, website interaction, language from calls and text from chats. It is important to have intelligent AI tools to automatically compile data and create intelligent account profiles. (link to auto intent extraction)

Using your data wisely will help offer the right products at the right time. Using these tactics expresses to your customers that you understand their unique needs and are willing to take the time to understand them on a deeper level.

4. Accelerate

You can still provide top-notch content, assist your customers and get to know every last detail about them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your sales will accelerate straight away.

You need to be able to use exceptional content, the appropriate level of assistance and deep insights to achieve the best results. Fortunately, with the proper tools, you can accelerate your sales.

Because each of these stages tend to be laborious, it is best handled by augmenting (link) workflows harnessing the power of AI. Throughout each of the first three stages, it is best to employ a content playlist using ML to deliver binge-able and highly relevant content on-demand.

Leveraging conversational intelligence tools through the use of natural language processing can give you direct insights into the intents and needs of your potential customers. This allows content to be automatically updated and gives you the most accurate understanding of each individual buying propensity.

AI assistants are a must. Engaging site visitors when they are most actively interested in your products by using AI assistants increases engagement and boosts the likelihood of a sale.

With the insights from browsing, consumption, call and chat data, you are now equipped with every bit of information needed to draft winning proposals to close the deal.

Using AI augmentation will shorten awareness and consideration stages and in turn accelerate sales. Your AI assistant and sales teams engage the customer at the right time with the right information.

5. Delight with Drip

Flip the drip relies on nurturing the customer relationship with both intelligent automation and human-to-human relationships. After sale, it is important to provide stellar support to elevate customer success. This can be accomplished a few ways with content drips:

Content playlist

Drip content can be added to content playlists as customer needs and behaviors change. Dripping content into your binge platform gives customers consistently updated and highly relevant content. With all of this great content, you will keep your customers engaged and satisfied. Content drips can include a variety of forms:

  •  Problem-specific tutorials
  •  Training courses and modules
  • Customer innovation and success stories
  • Best-practices
  • Industry-specific reports

Customer support

In tandem with content drip, your customer support team should focus on nurturing the human-to-human relationship. By monitoring a playlist dashboard, your support team can monitor content use. This can help determine if a customer is having an issue that requires a call, or if your sales team should reach out with information about another product.

By automating content personalization, your sales and support teams have will have plenty of customer information to work with. Because they have rich customer information on hand and fewer rote tasks, your teams can get to work on building the most important human-to-human relationships.

Collaboration suggestions

Your drip campaign can also generate collaboration suggestions. By updating what content is consumed to create user profiles, your analytics dashboard can determine what users within an organization are running up against similar problems or are working on similar projects. With this knowledge, you can then drip collaboration suggestions to further drive customer success.

Benefits of Flipping the Drip

The benefits of flip the drip are numerous. The approach can:

  • Identify the best leads
  • Increase ROI
  • Drive consistent engagement
  • Improve customer success
  • Nurture the customer relationship
  • Improve the human-to-human relationship
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities


The traditional drip is outdated. It is time to flip the drip.

Focus on generating and deploying binge-able content to better understand your potential customers, better serve your current customers and accelerate conversion.

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