Looking for a way to deliver quick educational content to people all over the world? Host a virtual workshop. 

Workshops help viewers gain skills, knowledge, or master new tools to help them perform their jobs better. Workshops are a great way to provide useful resources to your employees or clients – but they can also act as an effective lead generation strategy.

Learn more about how to leverage workshops as part of your 2022 event strategy to generate leads, brand awareness, and employee development.

What Are Virtual Workshops?

Workshops, also referred to as webinars or masterclasses, are the perfect way to reach potential customers and create a marketing funnel. They are inexpensive to host, fairly brief, and provide minimal barriers to entry for companies and event planners. If you’re new to the virtual event space, this is a great place to start. 

They can be streamed live to encourage participant interaction and allow the host to answer questions. The host generally presents information on a topic, product, or service over an online conferencing platform and attendees can chime in to ask questions verbally or in the chat. These are typically shorter virtual events with workshops lasting 30 minutes to an hour on average. Many event organizers also host workshop series to provide multiple short skill-building virtual events. 

Virtual workshops can also be recorded and made available as on demand content. This allows you to create a collection of evergreen resources that can be watched by potential customers at any time. You can also sell recorded informational evergreen webinars on an ongoing basis to consumers or use them as gated content to capture leads/emails in exchange for on demand viewing. Workshops and webinars are great because they can easily be adapted to different purposes, audiences, goals, and revenue streams. 

A common use for workshops is lead generation. They are effective tools for creating a pipeline of potential customers. According to WebinarCare, 40% of webinar attendees convert to leads across all businesses surveyed. They also found that webinars were particularly effective for B2B (business to business) marketing. 73% of attendees at webinars aimed at B2B marketing converted to leads. For B2C workshops, you can expect conversion rates of 20-40%. 

Virtual Workshop Use Cases 

You can host a workshop on almost anything. Workshops can cover a process, product, service, skill, or educational resources.

Finance, Law, and HR Virtual Workshop Use Cases

Workshops are a great way to walk professionals through compliance and legal updates. At the beginning of a new year, changes go into effect in law, licensing body guidelines, and more. Many companies host informational workshops to walk professionals through these changes and teach them how to apply them in their daily work. 

A business law firm may host workshops on employment law matters, such as independent contractor law, employment laws and updates, and business tax compliance. These short workshops provide direct value to the attendees, but they also act as a lead generation funnel for the law firm. Business owners are likely to need legal assistance from time to time and the ones attending these workshops likely do not have in-house counsel. By hosting this webinar, adding the attendees to their mailing list, and following up regularly with additional resources, the law firm can ensure that they will be top-of-mind for those business owners next time they need to reach out for legal assistance.

Tech Virtual Workshop Use Cases

Social27 Virtual Event Platform recently hosted a sales workshop series for a security solutions company. The workshop helped the company accelerate their sales approach through skill-building exercises for their sales team. Workshops are a great way to develop your employees’ skills so that they can learn and practice new approaches and produce better results for your company. 

Workshops and webinars are also useful in providing an opportunity for clients to view a product demo and ask questions. Group workshops on software solutions are time-effective ways for your sales team to showcase your product to a number of potential consumers at once. Workshops can also be a great low-pressure option for leads that may not be ready to set up a one-on-one demo.

Education Virtual Workshop Use Cases

We’re all familiar with virtual classes, but virtual workshops are also a great way to provide education or educational resources to your audiences.

Educators also need to stay up to date on continuing education, new technology, and issues impacting students. An education technology company may hold workshops at the start of each semester or school year to help educators learn the platform – this has become especially common with the rise in online education requiring educators to learn new skills and teaching methods.

Government Virtual Workshop Use Cases

Virtual workshops are a great way to help citizens and employees learn about new legal updates, processes, and community services.  

Many federal, state, and local agencies run workshops during election season in order to walk high school students, voters, volunteers, and candidates through the processes. These workshops could include how to fill out candidacy forms, how to register to vote and read the ballot, or cover volunteer duties before election day. 

Government agencies can also use workshops to cover other issues such as navigating assistance programs, court processes, RFP or funding processes, government employment applications, and more. Many agencies work with a large number of partner agencies in their communities that need to stay up-to-date of process changes and new resources in order to best serve residents of those communities. 

Social27 Virtual Event Platform has hosted virtual workshops, conferences, and meetings for government agencies of all size including international audiences. 

Host a Virtual Conference on Social27 Virtual Event Platform  

Social27 Virtual Event Platform provides all of the necessary tools to host an exciting and interactive virtual workshop or workshop series. From interactive session tools to networking features and on demand content libraries, our platform can help you deliver memorable and educational virtual workshops. 

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