Attendees love events that are motivating, educational, and action-oriented. And event owners love events that help them elevate themselves as industry and thought leaders. Virtual summits are the perfect solution to meeting both of these desires. 

Align your brand with high-profile and knowledgeable speakers by planning a virtual summit in 2022. Here’s what you need to know about the event format and how to apply it to your industry. 

What is a Virtual Summit?  

Virtual summits bring together expert speakers to share educational content, discuss current issues in their field, and work together towards solutions to industry challenges. 

Virtual summits are similar to virtual conferences, but summits are typically more focused on a specific topic. A conference can have a wide range of speakers, sponsors, and sessions covering various aspects of a broad industry.  

For event organizers, hosting a virtual summit can help you establish your company as an authority in the industry. Through working with high-quality summit speakers, your company can gain credibility, expand your reach, and establish yourself as an industry leader.  

Virtual Summit Use Cases 

Ready to host your own virtual summit? The format can apply to pretty much any topic or industry, but to help you get some ideas flowing, we’ve created these industry-specific use cases for inspiration. 


The Vision Council held their annual Executive Summit on Social27 Virtual Event Platform. The Executive Summit was a 3-day virtual summit created to connect and inform members of the Vision Council association and other attendees about the trends and challenges of the vision care industry. The event included 22 speaker sessions, 242 attendees, and 40 noteworthy speakers. 

The Vision Council Executive Summit was very collaborative and networking-focused. There is a common misconception that networking at virtual events or virtual summits is less effective than in-person networking, but this certainly was not the case at this event: 

“[What set Social27 apart from other virtual event platform (VEP) options was] the variety of ways to connect attendees in real-time on our platform. Our in-person event is very networking-based and we were looking for solutions to keep the ease and quality of networking in a virtual environment. Many VEPs had the ability to chat during a session, but Social27 platform expanded on this and offered the ability for attendees to connect, private message, and hold instant virtual meetings all through the platform site.” – Olivia Krise, Senior Project Coordinator at The Vision Council. 

Virtual summits are ideal for bringing healthcare providers and professionals together for a meaningful exchange of knowledge and ideas around patient care, technology, and advancements in medical research and treatment options. 


Government summits typically act as an opportunity for multiple governments or government agencies to come together to share ideas, experiences, and challenges they are facing.  

Many international summits bring government representatives and expert researchers from different countries together to discuss issues such as climate changes, security, food scarcity, pandemics and epidemics, or the global economy that impact multiple countries or regions. Virtual summits have become popular for this due to the reduced need to travel to attend. Reducing travel is helpful for busy leaders and reduces the environmental impact of events.  

At a more local level, a virtual summit could be helpful in bringing representatives from different county agencies in a state together to share their approaches and work towards solutions that would allow them to better care for their residents. For example, all of the Health and Human Services Agency leaders from state, city, and county offices may convene at a virtual summit to hear from experts and engage in breakout sessions on relevant issues. They may choose to host a virtual summit on improving access to healthcare for low-income residents or finding ways to help the houseless population across the state. 


The tech industry hosts summits centered around a variety of technology topics. One potential use for a virtual tech summit would be a security summit. Organizers could bring expert speakers together to discuss platform and data security and provide guidance to information technology workers, developers, and new tech start-up founders who may need help securing their systems and protecting user information. The technology industry is constantly changing and adapting, so hosting virtual summits is a great way to bring innovators and thought leaders together to share advancements, network, and motivate attendees. 

Human Resources 

A virtual human resources (HR) and leadership summit would be the perfect opportunity for attendees to hear from speakers on how to navigate the latest employment concerns. Many recruiters and hiring managers are facing difficulty in the post-pandemic recruiting landscape, so a summit could focus on how to navigate those challenges and how to hire for the new age. Inviting speakers that have grown their companies during the pandemic, CEOs who chose to pivot to a remote-only employee strategy, and experts knowledgeable on diversity and inclusion in employment would all be appropriate, timely speakers. 

Host a Virtual Summit on Social27 Virtual Event Platform  

Social27 Virtual Event Platform provides all of the necessary tools to host an exciting and interactive virtual summit. Our platform offers a wide variety of speaker tools to help your guest speakers deliver compelling content and interactive sessions. Our host of networking features allows attendees to make meaningful connections without having to cram themselves into a crowded auditorium. 

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