AAMC’s Learn Serve Lead 2020 was a 3-day event delivered on Social27 Virtual Event Platform. It was an absolutely fantastic Virtual Event Experiences. It was created to bring together medical professionals to discuss complicated crises in our world today, how it has affected the industry, and so much more. The event included 101 speaker sessions, thousands of attendees, and 9 noteworthy speakers including Ibram X. Kendi, PHD, Nikole Hannah-JonesAnn CurryAnne Schuchat, MD, Francis Collins, MD, PHD, Joseph E. Kerschner, MD David J. Skorton, MD Doctor Anthony Fauci, MD and Lonnie G. Bunch III.

Average Time Spent per Day per
attendee: 3.5 hours per day

Days of event: 3

Number of attendees: 4,262

Number of Sessions: 37

Bringing Change Today in the Medical Industry and Beyond with Better Virtual Event Experiences

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“Social27 helped with having a very clean, easy to navigate platform. And that was something we were looking for and really wanted to make a point of giving attendees the opportunity to network and connect.” – AAMC Team

Day of the Event

Virtual events are perfect for bringing together communities from across the globe to learn and share ideas in a format more accessible than ever before.

They bring people together, create a platform to share powerful messages, and let like-minded peers join in on important conversations. AAMC’s Learn Serve Lead 2020 was just that.

Learn Serve Lead, usually held in person, is an annual meeting that, “brings together diverse communities within medical education, patient care, and research so that academic medicine professionals may learn from one another, find common ground, and build organizational capacity.”

It was also imperative that AAMC’s virtual event was:

  • Engaging and Inspiring
  • High-quality
  • Well-produced
  • Inclusive

And with the help of Social27 Virtual Event Platform, AAMC was able to achieve all of their objectives and more.

Let’s take a look at the highlights and features that made this virtual event so special.

Learn Serve Lead 2020

Right from the get-go, Learn Serve Lead 2020 dove into strong event content. From incredible speakers in the academic medicine community and beyond, there was no shortage of unique subject matter and perspectives.

Keeping the objectives of the event in mind, Social27 Virtual Event Platform allowed AAMC to display and share content beyond the sessions themselves at every corner of the event. This was not only to remind attendees why they attended but share their voices in the overall conversation affecting their industry and the world today.

Learn Serve Lead 2020 enabled experts to educate attendees and attendees to share their voices and perspectives, too.

Attendees got their questions answered from AAMC’s incredible speakers while the speakers and organization got to hear how attendees were being affected by the content and topics at play.

During the Event

  • Live sessions started: There were 4,344 uses for live sessions over the 3-day event period.
  • On demand sessions started: There were 3,889 uses for on demand sessions over the 3-day event period.
  • Chats sent: There were 15,627 moderated and unmoderated chats sent from attendees during live and on demand sessions.
  • Happy Hours: There were 413 uses for Happy Hour sessions with 898 overall visits.
  • Roundtables: With 6 participants max to a Roundtable, there were 87 Roundtables created during the event.
  • Hello Learn Serve Lead! (Hello World!): There were 99 attendee uses for recording an intro video via Hello World!.
  • Connections made: Overall, there were 3,169 connections made between attendees.

It was important to AAMC to connect their attendees in enriching discussions.

The ability for attendees to utilize session chats and connect in the Networking Lounge fit perfectly with the goals of the event. And since the event was in a virtual format, attendees got to watch and experience sessions more than they would at an in-person event – all with high accessibility from live captions.

Favorite features from event organizers and attendees alike were the live chat function in the event sessions, Roundtables, and being able to watch sessions that they may have missed (or wanted to watch again) later in an on-demand setting.

Discussions Make for Better Virtual Event Experiences

Instead of being bogged down by tech, the features on Social27 Virtual Event Platform enabled attendees to have the flexibility to connect with each other in various ways.

Features like moderated and unmoderated session chats and one-on-one attendee chats enabled attendees to make lasting connections with others effortlessly. They even answered each other’s questions when engaging with event sessions – keeping them further engaged with event content, the important subject matter, and each other.

The chat functions also helped AAMC gain a strong bird’s eye view into how attendees really felt, rather than being in the weeds with event logistics.

Outcomes from the Event

Although Learn Serve Lead 2020 was a 3-day event, registrations continued to come in for weeks later. This goes to show that bringing in amazing talent and industry experts to talk about pressing matters in your industry and the world, along with focusing on the attendee experience, can make the impact of your event last longer than the actual event date.

Social27 Virtual Event Platform helped AAMC to build a strong community even when we aren’t able to meet in person – right from within the platform.

Because attendees were engaged and inspired at every turn of the event, feeling of community and togetherness that is felt in the in-person experience was still possible and available to some who had never attended the in-person meeting.

Client virtual event testimonial quote image
“We had wanted to create an environment for people to interact in new and different ways…a lot of the things that Social27 is doing helped us accomplish that.” – AAMC Team

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