The Vision Council’s Executive Summit was a 3-day virtual event created to connect and inform The Vision Council association members and other attendees about the trends and challenges of the vision care industry. The event was delivered on Social27 Virtual Event Platform and included 22 speaker sessions, 242 of attendees, and 40 noteworthy speakers including speakers from The Vision Council Board of Directors, Emmanuel Acho, and more.

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Days of event: 3 days

Number of attendees: 242

Number of Sessions: 22

Seeing is Believing: See How Social27 Virtual Event Platform Makes Virtual Event Networking Easy and Fun

Just because an event, tradeshow, or conference was brought into the virtual world doesn’t mean event goals have to change. Event owners can still empower themselves to achieve event objectives and get attendees connected with the right content and people.

And with the right virtual event platform features, those goals are easily achievable.

The Vision Council set out to host the Executive Summit virtually for first time and sought out a platform that could help their attendees’ network and connect in a variety of ways.

The Vision Council wanted to bring a community together where…

Attendees could:

  • Network and engage in small and large groups without leaving the event
  • Attend panels and presentations on the current state of the vision care industry

And The Vision Council could:

  • Spotlight key industry and business trends
  • Present actionable approaches to confronting the new challenges facing the marketplace

That’s why Social27 Virtual Event Platform was the perfect fit to help The Vision Council exceed their event objectives.

The Vision Council’s Executive Summit

The Vision Council’s Executive Summit is an annual in-person event that brings together hundreds of the vision care community’s leaders and executives. The Executive Summit is focused on leadership development, inspiring speakers, and elevating networking opportunities.

Although the event is geared towards members of The Vision Council association, non-members were still able to register to join in on the excitement.

Because the event is highly anticipated by the industry, The Vision Council wanted to leverage that excitement into creating a sleek, comfortable virtual space where attendees could network freely and engage with motivating sessions and speakers.

Let’s take a closer look at the overall networking and platform feature uses at the Executive Summit on Social27 Virtual Event Platform.

Client virtual event testimonial quote image
“Social27’s platform helped us achieve these goals by providing the networking tools we needed in a virtual format so that attendees could connect in a meaningful way, as they are accustomed to doing so at the in-person event.” – From Tarrence Lackran, Director of Partnerships and Programming at The Vision Council

Networking and Usage

  • Session usage: 222 attendees joined more than one session over the 3-day event period.
  • Chats sent: There were 1,948 messages sent from attendees to other users on the platform.
  • Connections made: Overall, there were 3,345 connections made between attendees and other users on the platform.
  • Boardrooms: With 6 participants max to a Boardroom, there were 37 Boardrooms created during the event with 210 attendees joining at least one Boardroom, and 59 attendees joining more than one Boardroom.

With an overall 3,345 connections made, an average of 29 connections were made per attendee at the Executive Summit – showing how enthusiastic attendees felt to connect and engage with one another.

Boardroom use was also considerably significant, with approximately 87% of attendees joining a Boardroom at some time during the event, as well as an average of 46.83 minutes spent in a Boardroom per attendee. The high usage of platform features like Boardrooms and attendee connections thus matched perfectly with The Vision Councils’ initial event goals.

Client virtual event testimonial quote image
“[What set Social27 apart from other virtual event platform (VEP) options was] the variety of ways to connect attendees in real-time on our platform. Our in-person event is very networking-based and we were looking for solutions to keep the ease and quality of networking in a virtual environment. Many VEPs had the ability to chat during a session, but Social27 platform expanded on this and offered ability for attendees to connect, private message, and hold instant virtual meetings all through the platform site.” – From Olivia Krise, Senior Project Coordinator at The Vision Council

Connecting via Boardrooms

Boardrooms are a unique feature on Social27 Virtual Event Platform that allow attendees to meet face-to-face with a group of fellow attendees, speakers, sponsors or exhibitors without leaving the platform. With Boardrooms, attendees can create their very own public or private, small-group video meetings with up to 15 other participants on Social27’s native platform feature, or 30 participants using Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Attendees can easily meet likeminded peers via the Attendee Directory, session chats, or through recommended connections and immediately start a Boardroom to expand their network. Or attendees can simply view the Networking Lounge page on the platform to create or join in on an already existing Boardroom.

At the Executive Summit, Boardrooms offered many options for attendees to deepen professional relationships, further discuss topics brought up in sessions, and so much more – all on their own time before, between, or after sessions. Boardrooms provided a space in which attendees could chat freely and openly about the event, to each other, or about whatever subject or Area of Interest they chose when entering the event.

Outcomes from the Event

Although the Executive Summit is usually held in-person at a high-end resort, the virtual environment on Social27 Virtual Event Platform allowed The Vision Council to focus on giving attendees the same networking experiences but with a newer, sharper look and feel. It was imperative that the platform was as interactive as possible to not replicate this experience, but rather enhance it.

With popular usage of Boardrooms and connections between attendees, engagement with event sessions, and session chats, attendees had an incredible number of opportunities to spark conversations between each other.

The intuitiveness for The Vision Council and attendees alike as well aided in facilitating connections and a positively impactful virtual event experience.

Still Let Your Attendees Register!

Most event sessions were on demand and attendees could register until April 28th, 2021.

To learn more about the event, click here:

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“What also set Social27 apart from other VEP options was the] …ease of all-in-one management. We didn’t have to contract with multiple different companies for pre-recording, livestreaming, or the platform. Social27 was an all-in-one solution.” – From Olivia Krise, Senior Project Coordinator at The Vision Council

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