Heartland Dental’s Implant Continuum was a 2-day event created to give attendees continuing education, provide networking opportunities with peers and sponsors, and to connect with teammates.

The event was delivered on Social27 Virtual Event Platform and included 46 speaker sessions, 479 of attendees, 10 event sponsors, and 16 noteworthy speakers.

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Average Time Spent per Day per attendee: 9.1 hours

Days of event: 2

Number of attendees: 479

Number of Sessions: 46

Let Your Virtual Event Content Speak for Itself

Amazing sessions are crucial at any event. Whether you schedule a famous, world-class speaker, or you discuss unbelievable topics that your attendees can’t miss – sessions and their content are what drive your attendees to your event and keep them engaged.

And with a virtual or hybrid event, attendees expect the same level of entertainment.

So, what does great event content look like?


Implant Continuum

At Heartland Dental’s Implant Continuum, attendees had a plethora of opportunities to engage with event content and contribute to ongoing conversations with peers and sponsors (partners.)

With stellar content at its center, from sessions introducing and exploring implant basics, to a live stream of a dental implant, attendees could learn from expert speakers and one-of-a-kind demonstrations right from within the platform.

And because Implant Continuum focused so heavily on continuing education, attendees were ready (and empowered) to ask questions in event sessions and converse with other attendees from the get-go.

Keeping education and networking opportunities at the forefront, Heartland Dental was able to leverage Social27 Virtual Event Platform features to facilitate their top priorities.

Let’s take a look at what features enabled overall event engagement.

Networking and Feature Usage

  • Chats sent: There were 3,461 chats sent from attendees during event sessions.
  • Connections made: Overall, there were 1,374 connections made between attendees.
  • Roundtables and Boardrooms: With 6 participants max to a Roundtable and 15-30 participants max to a Boardroom, there were 110 Roundtables and Boardrooms created during the event.
  • Total Points and Badges earned: Over the course of 2-days, there were 1,854 Badges earned amongst attendees with a total of 1,409,109 Points accrued.
  • Overall sponsor microsite visits: With a total of 10 event sponsors, there were 1,935 Exhibitor Booth Microsite visits at the event’s Expo Hall.
  • Playlist views: From within the Exhibitor Booth Microsites, there were 1,410 views of sponsor Playlist content.
  • Scan My Badge clicks: There were 482 Scan My Badge clicks total on all 10 event sponsors Exhibitor Booth Microsites.

Attendees interacting with sessions, event sponsors, and peers drove engagement on the platform significantly.

And because engagement was backed by gamification, attendees could earn Points and Badges for interacting with various features, people, and content on the platform along the way.

Here are a few ways in which attendees could earn Points and Badges at Implant Continuum:

Virtual Event Content Points and Badges

Virtual Event Content Makes Your Event Valuable

Making your event content something attendees want to engage with, along with earning recognition for engaging can transform your virtual event.

What made Implant Continuum stand out was how easy it was to keep attendees involved and interested with every aspect of the event.

The astounding content not only kept attendees interested, it also helped push attendees to want to participate with sessions via chat – contributing to the substantial usage of chats during the event sessions.

Along with earning Points and Badges for chatting and engaging with people and content, participation wasn’t a chore. Attendees were excited and ready to join in on the fun.


Outcomes from the Event

Making sure that attendees have a one-of-a-kind content experience is what makes events come to life. With virtual events, you can deliver that front-row seat experience (like viewing a live dental implant surgery) to every single attendee – something you can’t get at an in-person event.

Instead of having sessions with a simple talking head, having unforgettable experiences that relate to what your attendees care about from within your industry or organization can make your event unforgettable.

And with events so heavily focused on continuing education, educational sessions that go beyond a PowerPoint presentation are also crucial for keeping attendees entertained.

Unique content can get people talking about your event. It’s what makes people want to engage – and when your attendees see others engaging, they’ll want to engage too (especially when they can participate in friendly competition with Points and Badges.)

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