An excellent technique to promote networking or team building is through virtual happy hours. These aren’t just the typical online gatherings or meetings where a single individual presents or speaks for the duration of the event but much more.

Happy hours should be concentrated on:

Initiate sincere dialogues

Foster interpersonal harmony

Cherish the moment

Zoom weariness in combat

Discover how Social27 Happy Hours may help you elicit dialogue, foster connections, and boost engagement.

Virtual events play a critical role in accomplishing sales objectives, and we are all aware of this truth.

But did you know that organizing enjoyable activities like happy hours may help guests form stronger bonds with one another? And why not arrange a cheerful lunch to spice things up and provide a welcoming break?

The success of your joyful lunch hour depends on careful preparation. Happy hours might become unpleasant and uninviting if they aren’t organized well, but with the correct preparation, they can be productive bonding and bring networking opportunities. It’s important that you pick a time that is convenient for everyone, like lunchtime, to allow for a pleasant break and a period of camaraderie. Create events and environments with a focus on fostering interaction.

Keep in mind that organizing a successful happy lunch might be essential to the success of your online event. Attendees will have a greater sense of community and engagement, which might benefit your company.

Who Can Enjoy a Happy Hour Without Ice Breaker Games?

Conducting icebreaker games is a tried-and-true method of starting a discussion and introducing guests to one another. Both video and chat happy hour formats are supported by most. Invite everyone to introduce themselves and to share a personal story. It may be a beloved book or something that really struck out to them during the online event. Even a game of “two truths and a lie” might be used to share information and encourage individuals to use their investigative abilities.

For office teams, trivia may be an enjoyable online game of happy hour. An effective team-building activity might involve some friendly rivalry and teamwork. As it allows individuals to collaborate or just demonstrate their knowledge about a certain business or popular culture in a pleasant environment, trivia may also be effective for groups of conference or event attendees.

Games may be quite interesting for participants who are more competitive (such as attendees at sales conferences) or for creative teams, and there is a lot of space for creativity and creating one-of-a-kind experiences. If you want to get people talking and having fun, try charades, virtual painting and drink, or show and tell.

Determine a Topic or Theme

Happy hours are a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, and it’s far easier to get people chatting and enthusiastic if you design them around a certain subject or theme. You may include certain themes or subjects from the conference or other virtual event into a happy hour that will happen during or after it. After the event, some participants might desire a space to gather with others to debrief and share their key thoughts. A relaxed and enjoyable setting for that is happy hour. To lend a hilarious spin to

industry matters and contrast with the serious sessions and conversations that took place during the real event, you may also design entertaining themes that are relevant to the industry or event topics.

Also consider fewer sector-specific themes or subjects. Attendees who need to unwind and exercise some self-care after a full event day love relaxing activities like sound baths or online yoga courses.

On the Social27 Event Platform, a recent virtual event manager even live-streamed a virtual culinary instruction to guests! To develop enjoyable events that will bind guests together, think beyond the box.

Establish Your Target Market

Understanding your target audience is crucial for the success of your virtual event. To build interesting happy hour encounters, learn about their personal and professional interests.

Organizing a meeting for a specific segment? Thinking about organizing a happy hour where ladies can meet and network? Organizing a technology conference? Establish happy hours for certain segments/groups to discuss ideas and how any new items will affect their line of work. (e.g., app developers discussing new mobile technology or IT specialists discussing new office or productivity software). Assist participants in making the most of a happy hour by helping them connect with the appropriate individuals to network or engage in discussion with.

Happy Hour Chats

For effective Happy Hour encounters, there are written and chat communication alternatives. While spending too much time on camera might be draining, virtual happy hours are a terrific way to meet new people and put faces to names you may have seen on chat or email threads. After spending too much time interacting with people during video conferences, zoom fatigue sets in. This exhaustion results from the increased mental effort needed to comprehend and communicate information during video chats. While on a Zoom or video conversation, we often must work more to emote and are frequently more conscious of how we come across each other. Additionally, we must focus more intently on what people are saying and exert more effort to understand communication with little nonverbal indications.

Include chat features and spacing out activities to build in breaks throughout the work or event day because a tired Happy Hour group won’t be a happy and engaged group.

Establish Adaptable, Ongoing Discussions

The greatest method to make your online event memorable is to provide a warm atmosphere that encourages interaction amongst attendees. The perfect atmosphere for participants to get to know one another is during happy hour talks. These discussions may also continue throughout the event, giving visitors more chances to interact and engage with one another. Users of the happy hour chat feature on the Social27 Event Platform may even split off into video conversations to go further into subjects. Attendees may connect in many mediums and feel at ease with a dynamic approach. Give your participants several chances to engage at their own convenience.

Adapt Your Video Format to Your Content and Audience

Many individuals mistakenly perceive the use of virtual meeting formats as less favorable. However, when used properly, they may really offer additional chances for real engagement. We will talk about using virtual events to create solid business and personal connections in this post. Encourage people to display their space or a favorite possession. A desk or office tour may be a pleasant way to meet new people while keeping the happy hour more work focused. It may be a picture that their kid produced, a book they love, a useful product they highly suggest everyone buy, or even a cat curled up in the corner of their home office.

The virtual happy hour format enables people to get to know us and relate to us better by looking at our surroundings. Hence, it will be simpler for attendees to approach one another for continued networking after the happy hour and have more sincere connections.

Making the Most of Happy Hour

Are you looking for a way to organize entertaining happy hours for your upcoming virtual event? To assist you in doing exactly that, the Social27 Event Platform offers several happy hour choices. To connect with up to 49 other attendees, attendees can join a specific Happy Hour session or an ongoing group chat during an event. To find out more about what Social27 has to offer the event organizers and attendees, schedule Demo Now!