An excellent technique to promote networking or team building is through virtual happy hours. These aren’t just the typical online gatherings, webinars or meetings where a single individual presents or speaks for the duration of the event but much more.

Your virtual event’s platform selection can make all the difference. In actuality, the virtual platform serves as your principal communication channel, display booth, meeting space, and content distribution mechanism. The choice of the appropriate platform for the event determines a significant portion of the participant’s experience.

As experienced marketing managers and event planners are aware that only a feature-rich virtual event platform must be purchased if they want to guarantee the success of their events. But how can you convince other decision-makers to do the same?

The virtual hosting platform receives the huge share of the budget that many event planners and marketers allot to each virtual event. In case you’re not aware of the major differentiators and how a virtual event platform can assist your company goals, it could seem a little over the top. However, if you pick the appropriate platform, it is a real investment worth making.

The following explains why you must spend money on a top virtual event platform and how to get the support of other corporate decision-makers:

1. Showcase Sponsors the Value You’ve Added

Most event planners accept funding for their virtual events. Event sponsors may be a tremendous source of money; therefore, the finance and leadership personnel will appreciate how vital it is to maintain their satisfaction. The elements of a virtual event platform should cater to event sponsors, such as virtual show booths. Sponsors may design their virtual event booth from the ground up using the Social27 Virtual Event Platform. They can brand their virtual booths, select booth employees to interact with visitors, publish downloadable materials, and build playlists of content. Additionally, there is a ‘Scan My Badge’ function that enables visitors to check in at the booth and seek additional information regarding the sponsor’s goods or services.

2. Highlight Data Reporting

How can I persuade top management or a department that is more analytical, like finance, to invest in virtual events?

Make use of data’s power! Virtual events offer a plethora of insightful data. You should be able to obtain data from a virtual event platform both in a post-event report and in real time. You may record information on attendance, visits to display booths, conversations between participants, messages exchanged, the typical length of sessions and videos, and more! You may utilize all of this information to make adjustments to your content distribution, lead generation, attendee engagement, and branding tactics both at the current event and on subsequent occasions.

This information may also be used to calculate the event’s ROI and compare it to your KPIs. This data may be highly compelling and valuable since board members, shareholders, sponsors, and more enjoy seeing thorough reports following significant occurrences.

3. Strategize for Maximizing Display Lead Generation Opportunities

What can you do to boost leads and revenue at your upcoming event?

Utilizing the Social27 Virtual Event Platform is a straightforward solution. Social27 makes lead creation simple and effective with its user-friendly features. Creating leads and sales is one of the main goals of any event, and you can achieve that using Social27. We provide a variety of ways to connect with leads, lead generation forms on exhibitor booth microsites, a Recommendation & Prediction Engine that

directs attendees to the most pertinent sponsors and sessions based on their interests, and real-time data insights that can help businesses track who is interacting with their content.

Don’t miss the chance to succeed in the company and reach your sales objectives. Select Social27 for your upcoming virtual or hybrid event and utilize our platform to enhance your event marketing outcomes and accomplish your corporate goals.

4. Check Out the Security Features

IT, legal, and leadership staff are quite concerned about both the data of your clients and internal information. This is why they want to make sure that sufficient data and event security is implemented. Social27 is aware that you want to go above and beyond to safeguard consumer data and communications since data leaks have resulted in a lot of negative headlines for businesses. If you don’t want internal company announcements or information to be published or accessed by unauthorized people, virtual events are a terrific approach to assemble employees and shareholders.

Your security is important to Social27 just as much as it is to you. Our platform provides many different security aspects, such as:

a. Access Management: For your virtual event to be secure, access control is essential. Our platform makes use of identity-based and two-factor authentication for this reason. To restrict users from accessing information they shouldn’t, we employ additional approaches. You can hold hybrid webinars with our event platform, meet your sales targets, and grow your business with comprehensive data analytics.

b. Security Team: With the help of our team of licensed security experts, you can confidently secure your online event. Our experienced personnel give thorough assistance and keep an eye on your system to ensure the safety of your private data. We have almost 50 years of combined expertise. Reach your sales targets, succeed with your hybrid event, and then evaluate your data to improve your next event marketing initiatives. Easily manage webinars with our event platform and make use of our B2B marketing know-how to ensure the success of your company.

c. Information Security Program: The administrative, technological, and operational controls in our information security program are aimed at ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of client data as well as reducing security risks through routine testing.

d. Security for Applications: Our security team has all the tools and resources required to address vulnerabilities, while our quality assurance team evaluates and tests our code on a per-pod basis.

e. Data Encryption: For many organizations, security is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to virtual events. All conversations at Social27 are protected by data encryption both in transit and at rest. Using client keys or AWS keys that are kept in a secure location, rest data is safeguarded. This guarantees the security of your virtual events and the privacy of your data. Select Social27 as your event platform to meet your marketing and sales objectives.

f. Smart Systems: Your security, dependability, and effectiveness are in capable hands with Social27. Our virtual events platform is powered by market leaders Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). To ensure the availability and security of their systems, they have improved their security processes. Additionally, at Social27, we implement security procedures in line with international business norms like GDPR. With Social27, you can be confident that your online event will be a success.

5. Choose a platform that will increase participant engagement

Virtual event planners and marketers place a high priority on participant involvement. Many worry that those who participate electronically may lose their concentration. You’ll be able to keep their interest with the aid of an effective virtual event platform.

Choose a virtual event platform with the following features:

Networking Features: The production of leads, engagement, and other factors may all be increased by networking. To accommodate your participants’ tastes and communication preferences, look for a networking platform that provides a variety of networking possibilities. User-generated material, video calls, chats, and other networking opportunities may make your event more engaging and social. Use an efficient event platform that will satisfy all your demands to ensure the success of your event.

Gamification: Gamification is a fantastic method to get people excited while also encouraging them to engage with sponsors, content, social media, and other things. For guests to see their progress as they complete tasks to gain points toward rewards,

you may put up a leaderboard. It’s a wonderful method to encourage participation in the event and platform exploration from everyone.

Recommendation Tool: It might be difficult to locate required information at a virtual event, but there is a solution – the suggestion tool. Based on their individual interests, guests receive tailored suggestions from Social27’s Recommendation & Prediction Engine regarding sponsors, sessions, material, and other attendees to interact with. Use this effective feature to achieve your sales targets and boost the performance of your company utilizing data analytics, hybrid events, event marketing, b2b marketing, event platforms, and webinars.

Choose The Best Platform for Your Event

Choosing the virtual event platform that will best serve your requirements and goals is important since it will play a significant role in your virtual event strategy.

To find out more about what the Social27 Virtual Event Platform has to offer, schedule a demo right away.