[Redmond, WA, June 1, 2020] Social27 Virtual Event Platform has recently been added to the Zoom App Marketplace after competing among the top 10 apps chosen for the Whale Watch Zoom App Marketplace competition on May 8th, 2020.  Out of hundreds of applicants, Social27 Virtual Event Platform was chosen as a leader in virtual event apps/platforms that integrates with Zoom. The app was officially added to the Zoom Marketplace on June 1st, 2020.

The Whale Watch Zoom App Marketplace competition was a live event held May 8th, 2020 on Zoom. The hundreds of applicants were filtered through the Zoom judges until ten were chosen to move on to the next phase. Each of the top ten competitors got the opportunity to share a video pitch and pitch their apps to a live audience that voted on their top pics.

Yesterday, Social27 Virtual Event Platform was added to the Zoom App Marketplace for public availability.

Social27 Virtual Event Platform is built on three pillars of successful virtual events:

  • Educating/Informing Attendees
  • Connections/Networking
  • Showcasing Your Ecosystem

Social27, trusted by the Fortune 500, delivers scalable virtual events with Zoom-powered sessions, attendee-to-attendee networking, and highly interactive virtual expos. Additionally, a smart recommendations engine ensures a personalized, sticky attendee experience.

Combining the known ingredients of a successful in-person event with functionality built to support those actions in a virtual environment, Social27 Virtual Event Platform ensures organizations continue to educate attendees, provide valuable networking opportunities, and showcases event sponsors all in one intuitive platform.

Find Social27 in the Zoom App Marketplace now.

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