Social27 Stream empowers virtual and hybrid event speakers to run their own, live virtual sessions without having to stream through OBS, StreamYard, or other complicated streaming software. Plus, speakers can bring in a moderator to help them manage attendees and leverage in-session features that bring attendee engagement to a new level.

For event owners, it also reduces costs associated with hiring live streamers, production vendors, and more.

Over the past few years, we’ve worked directly with clients to stream their live sessions. Now, Social27’s Production team has created a do-it-yourself livestreaming tool that does everything virtual and hybrid event speakers need to run a successful virtual session.

Social27 Stream gives speakers back-end access so they and their moderator(s) can join a behind-the-scenes backstage experience prior to their session and go live with the click of a button.

“Years of hands-on experience and feedback straight from speakers and customers has given us the ability to incorporate everything speakers and moderators need to run a successful session,” said Ranbeer Gil, Head of Production at Social27. “The backstage experience allows speakers and moderators to coordinate in preparation of going live as well as test their lighting, framing, and other production aspects for the best quality session.”

Social27 Stream gives speakers and moderators full control of their sessions from preparation and going live to in-session interactive features and sharing the finished session on-demand.

Here’s how it works:

Social27 Self Streamer Backstage Chat

Social27 Stream Backstage

Before the session starts, speakers and moderators join the backstage area where they can review any necessary information before starting the session, as well as check their lighting, framing, etc., before going live. When live, moderators can remain off camera but still can easily communicate with the speaker(s) while fielding attendee questions.

Stage Chat VS Backstage Chat

Social27 Stream enables speakers and moderators to keep a private, backstage chat going throughout the session while maintaining the ability to engage with attendees in the moderated or unmoderated stage chat.

This way, speakers can stay focused on their presentation and only address attendee questions that the moderator shares via backstage chat at the designated, previously agreed upon stopping points. Meanwhile, moderators can answer moderated questions and engage with session chatters, while sending questions to and responding to the speaker in the backstage chat.

Attendees can request to join the virtual session (speaker/moderator approves or denies)

Similar to an Instagram Live, attendees can request to join a session. Requests must be approved or denied by either the speaker or moderator. This feature elevates attendee engagement to a level previously unheard of at virtual events!

Some ways this feature can be used:

  • Rather than simply fielding chat questions to a speaker for a Q&A session, invite attendees to join the session to ask their question live, on camera.
  • Speakers often ask questions during sessions to engage attendees – now they can also invite attendees to answer those questions live, in the session.
  • Ask attendees to share their personal stories and/or experiences that align with the session content for further engagement.
Social27 Self Streamer My Questions

In-Session Polling

Speakers and moderators can launch real-time, in-session polls to gauge attendee sentiment and gather opinions.  These can also be used in a hybrid event scenario to figure out what content topics will most speak to in-person attendees by vetting them in a virtual session and gathering feedback with a poll.

All of the technical aspects can be managed by either the speaker or moderator.

“The ability for moderators to join speakers backstage while managing attendee interactions and answering questions enables them to communicate with speakers without disrupting the session. This empowers speakers to directly engage with and respond to attendees in real-time, lifting the burden of managing technical aspects during their presentation.” – Ranbeer Gil, Head of Production at Social27

Let’s look at a brief overview of all the features from the perspective of different user roles:

Event Owner & Moderator Features

  • Access to backstage area to prep speakers and do tech checks before going live
  • Work with speakers to easily go live without external help
  • Separate chat to privately communicate with speakers and other moderators during sessions
  • Record and download sessions for on-demand, marketing, internal, and other uses
  • Control the audio and video of speakers and attendees on stage
  • Enter ‘observer mode’ to create more space for the speakers on stage and moderate sessions from the background
  • Push the session to live and take it offline at any time
  • Reply to, publish, and dismiss moderated chats from attendees

See our Moderator Guide for more information.

Speaker Features

  • Access to backstage area to test presentation slides and videos, lighting and framing, etc., before going live
  • Mute and unmute your audio and video
  • Share Screen
  • Leave session
  • Reply to moderated chats
  • View dismissed and new chats

See our Speaker Guide for more information.

Attendee Features

  • Use the raise hand feature to request to join speakers on stage
  • Use real-time reactions to interact in the session
  • Engage with moderated and unmoderated chats
  • See the live, in-session attendee count and summary of reactions

See Social27 Stream in Action

Want to see how you can leverage Social27 Stream for your next event? Get in touch with us here so you can see it in action!