Gifts aren’t just for holidays – you can also delight your online event participants with special gift bags throughout the year. At in-person conferences, trade shows, and other events, attendees often collect a variety of free products and promotional items from various exhibitor booths. It’s a wonderful chance for guests to bring a memory of the event home with them. For brands, it’s an excellent way to help participants remember the name and logo of your company.

We’ll cover all you need to know about virtual event gift bags in this post, along with some suggestions for virtual gifts to include in your creations.

The popularity of virtual events is growing, and they are often less expensive than physical ones. Yet, you still need to provide your attendees with an unforgettable experience. To meet your sales goals, you need to provide engaging content and meaningful interactions.

One of the popular ways to make your virtual event a success is gifts. Offer virtual gifts to your participants! Here are some suggestions for virtual gifts you may provide to attendees to encourage their involvement and engagement:

1. Gift cards: Gift cards are always a popular option for gifts. You can offer gift cards for your company’s services or for popular online stores like Amazon.

2. E-books: Publishing e-books is a great approach to share timely information about subjects that are pertinent to your company or event. This can help strengthen your brand’s credibility and offer an educational experience to your participants.

3. Brand products: Offering brand products can help participants remember your company and event. You can offer products such as mugs, pens, or T-shirts with your company’s name and logo.

4. Mobile apps: You can offer an exclusive mobile app for your event to help participants easily connect with other participants and access content.

5. Exclusive access to content: You can offer exclusive access to premium content to encourage participation in your virtual event. This can include live webinars, conferences, or training sessions.

By offering virtual gifts, you can not only increase participation and engagement of participants, but also strengthen your brand’s credibility and improve participant satisfaction.

Why offer virtual gift bags?

Offering virtual gift bags is an excellent way to boost participant engagement and foster long-lasting relationships with your potential clients. Here are some reasons why you should:

A great method to stand out and increase the attendees’ memory of your event is to provide a gift box before it happens.

I’m sure all can agree that everyone loves receiving gifts! Nonetheless, it’s fascinating to observe that just 30% of event planners provide presents to their attendees.

In addition to giving extra impact to your event, promotional items can also be an excellent branding opportunity for event organizers and sponsors. Sponsors are often willing to pay more to have their logo included in emails before the event or in more visible places on the event portal, but including your logo on items in a gift basket before the event is another great way to promote your brand. In addition, participants will use these items and may even post them on social media, resulting in even more visibility.

Event organizers should work with sponsors to collect items for a gift basket before the event. Many sponsors already have branded items that they distribute at in-person events or in customer care packages, so they often have gifts ready to contribute. Contact sponsors to see if they have their own ideas for virtual gifts or propose ideas that you could sponsor.

There are numerous virtual gift ideas to make participation more fun. Are you hosting an event? Send lovely gifts to your participants to help them feel even more comfortable when joining your event from home, such as:

It’s a fun way to encourage participation in themed networking hours.

If you are also looking for a way to spice up your next virtual event, why not offer virtual gifts to your attendees? Higher-value eGift cards are a great way to boost excitement during the event, whether through gamification, raffles, trivia, or other surprise intervals. But offering gifts alone isn’t enough to create an engaging and memorable event.

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