It’s a wise decision to incorporate mobile functionality into your upcoming virtual event. But creating a unique digital event mobile application is essential to giving your attendees a greater experience. By enabling greater engagement during your digital or hybrid event, mobile applications may bring tremendous value. Businesses are always learning about new ways to include mobile involvement in their digital events. Use this opportunity to increase your company’s success.

Events for Mobile Digital Platforms? You’ll Need a Mobile App for That!

One of the fastest-growing types of marketing is virtual events, which allow businesses to meet their most critical consumers virtually without being constrained by time or place. The popularity of this marketing strategy has increased, particularly considering recent developments in mobile technology. Digital event platform providers may now include a mobile component to the virtual event thanks to sophisticated capabilities available.

A virtual event’s performance is influenced by a variety of variables, such as sales targets, data analytics, and audience relevancy. It’s crucial to have a hybrid strategy, incorporating both virtual and actual events, to accomplish these aims. Event marketing technologies, which enable organizers to build webinars and communication platforms, including chat tools and virtual rooms, may be used to plan and carry out these hybrid events.

The viability of virtual events ultimately depends on how pertinent the offer is to the intended audience. To guarantee that virtual events are pertinent and offer attendees value, digital event platform providers must make investments in cutting-edge technology like real-time data analytics.

At your next digital event, consider the following three ways that mobile applications might be valuable:

• Data accessibility from anywhere-

Virtual events are undergoing a revolution thanks to mobile applications. This creates fantastic chances for offering people engaging experiences wherever they may be. Platforms like Social27 may assist in meeting sales targets, monitoring data analytics, and gauging the performance of a company. Businesses may accomplish their event marketing objectives with a hybrid event. No matter if guests are present in an auditorium or at a trade fair expo, organizers may create rich and interesting experiences for them. Another way to reach more people and broaden the event’s reach is webinars.

• Location-based services usage-

Virtual events are a rapidly changing industry. One of the most popular techniques for involving participants and boosting engagement is mobile applications. Encourage consumers to “check in” at various booths or places using mobile applications for events. Smartphone applications are capable of seamlessly fusing internet content and information delivery with “real life” location and feeling of place. It’s not necessary for a hybrid event to have two distinct content streams, with “in person” presentations or booths operating concurrently with online digital event platforms or mobile applications.

• Integrating mobile technology in hybrid events-

For businesses across the world, virtual events are becoming a reality. No matter where they are physically located, individuals from all over the world may now connect thanks to technological breakthroughs. But how can you make your event better to increase its likelihood of success? The solution is straightforward: include a mobile application to provide participants with a more thorough experience.

With in-person interactions and online capability, hybrid events provide the best of both worlds. It is worthwhile to create a mobile application whether you are organizing a hybrid event or even a conventional “in-person only” event since it will allow attendees to combine the “real world” experience with the online digital event platform. I’ve written on mobile apps for digital events in the past, emphasizing how the best mobile methods enhance rather than merely duplicate the event. Mobile applications for digital events can operate as a link between offline and online activities. A smartphone app, for example, may let you snap a photo of a booth at a trade show and immediately download the company’s information for subsequent follow-up. Mobile apps should improve the user experience, free up time, and hasten the higher-value interactions between customers and sellers in this way.

How come a Mobile App?

Many businesses question if it is worthwhile to spend money establishing a mobile app for virtual events. After all, why not just rely on the web browser experience to provide the material if the digital event is already online? Why invest extra money in creating a unique mobile app?

Besides only providing a mobile version of the website for the virtual event, there are a few more reasons why mobile applications are valuable.

We’ve learned a few things from working with customers on mobile virtual events, one of which is that mobile devices, such iPhones, smartphones, iPads, and tablet PCs, may provide a richer and more satisfying experience with a customized application. Because web browsers cannot serve material for mobile devices in a way that is as efficient or streamlined, the website experience is frequently insufficient. On a smartphone, a website that was created for a 17-inch laptop screen won’t look as well or perform as well.

Mobile devices provide remarkable features for location-based searches, interactivity, and simple social networking integration that are best leveraged with a tailored mobile app, in addition to straightforward issues of visibility and usability. Just providing a mobile website to your participants may seem like a meager attempt to optimize their virtual event experience. It’s preferable to provide them with a personalized mobile app so they may perform all their desired actions using their cellphones.

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Which mobile applications have you seen at a digital event that are the most creative and unexpected? What recent events have benefited from using mobile applications, in your opinion?

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