The 5 most important things about Multi – Gens Attendees at Events

“I am speaking for all of us. I am the spokesperson for a generation.” – Bob Dylan Gender, race, religion, culture, and sexual orientation all influence workplace diversity. However, age cohort diversity is one of the most crucial forms of diversity in today’s business. Generation…

What are some strategies for ensuring content accessibility for your virtual event?

Virtual events are a wonderful method to bring people together from all around the world to participate in these events actively. By embracing accessibility in virtual events, we provide a valuable opportunity for those unable to attend in person. However, without virtual event materials, we…

Not utilizing AI for events? You are falling behind, here are 5 tools you need now!

Times have changed. Companies must adapt to the new normal and find innovative ways to reach their business objectives. Virtual events and generative AI are two technologies that are transforming the business world and offering an opportunity to connect with a global audience. Virtual events…

Virtual Events That Make an Impact

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