There are a lot of virtual event myths that have given many people the wrong idea about the effectiveness of virtual events. While virtual events have been gradually rising in popularity throughout the last decade, they have exploded in popularity over the past two years.  

Many people remain skeptical due to the misinformation out there surrounding virtual events. However, with the right tools and planning, virtual events can be even more successful than in-person events. 

Explore the top 5 myths about virtual events and learn the facts about planning a virtual event:

Myth #1: Virtual Events Do Not Provide Opportunities for Networking

It’s a common misconception that virtual events do not provide meaningful networking opportunities. However, this is very much false. There are a number of ways to create networking opportunities at virtual events. 

Virtual events can incorporate a range of networking activities and communication channels in order to best suit the different individual preferences of attendees including: 

  • Chat sessions during event sessions and as a stand-alone networking opportunity 
  • Small group video gatherings 
  • Large video meetings 
  • Conversations with booth representatives and the ability to schedule meetings right from sponsor booths 
  • Recommended connections that steer attendees towards other attendees to network with based on shared interests 
  • Happy hour video or chat sessions 
  • User-generated content such as short, recordable video content 

These can all act as networking avenues for virtual events. Virtual event networking is actually more versatile than in-person event networking due to the variety of options and the ease of finding the right person to talk to in the directory or through a recommendation engine rather than stumbling around a conference center hoping to run into the right person. 

Myth #2: Virtual Events Are A Temporary Solution 

Many people are still holding onto the incorrect belief that virtual events are just a temporary trend until in-person events are deemed to be safe again. However, virtual events are here to stay.

Businesses have noticed a lot of increased benefits in the shift to virtual events. Enhanced real-time and post-event data reporting allows businesses to make more informed decisions on their event strategy and more skillfully measure KPIs and ROI from events.

Virtual events are also the solution for the new age of business. Many businesses have already announced plans to keep their workforce remote long-term based on proven productivity, employee preferences, and decreased real estate costs. Virtual events allow companies to more easily reach these newly de-centralized audiences. 

Myth #3: Virtual Events Don’t Keep Attendees Engaged 

This one can be true, but only if you aren’t doing things correctly. It’s true that bland virtual events can lead to Zoom fatigue. However, there are a number of ways for event owners and speakers to engage attendees and keep them focused.

Great content is the backbone of engagement. People will be interested no matter the format if the content is truly spectacular. High energy and motivational speakers can still bring that energy in a virtual setting – and it’s often easier to book well-known speakers for virtual events due to the lower time commitment and lack of travel.

There are also virtual tools such as in-session polling, Q&As, and gamification that can help hold attendees’ attention and incentivize interaction. If your virtual event platform is providing the right tools, you’ll have no problem keeping attendees engaged throughout virtual sessions. 

Myth #4: Virtual Events Do Not Provide Opportunities for Sponsors or Exhibitors 

This is an extremely common myth – but it couldn’t be further from the truth!

Sponsors can still have their standard exhibition booths in a virtual format. On Social27 Virtual Event Platform, sponsors can design their own Exhibitior Booth Microsites, assign a booth rep to engage with visitors, add content to their booth in a Playlist, and view attendee badge check-ins and reach out with more information.

Virtual events also help sponsors close sales quickly. By making virtual content available before the event starts or meetings take place, you can accelerate your business by moving customers from the awareness stage to the loyal customer stage much more efficiently. 

With an in-person event, attendees typically aren’t exposed to sponsors or their products until they are standing in front of a sponsor’s booth. With virtual events, they can browse sponsored content before the event and can be directed towards relevant sponsors through a recommendation engine. This brings more relevant and informed consumers to event sponsors.

Myth #5: Hosting Virtual Events Is Too Complicated and Costly 

While it’s true that you’ll want to invest in a good virtual event platform for your event, hosting virtual events is typically more cost-effective than hosting in-person events.

You can check out our virtual event planning checklist here to get an overview of the steps involved in planning a virtual event. It may look like a lot at first, but it’s actually not any more difficult than planning an in-person event. With the right platform and team there to help, planning virtual events should be a positive and seamless experience.

There are often less logistical considerations as you don’t need to worry about hotel accommodations for attendees or speakers, catering, transportation to the venue, and conference center set-up. 

Plan A Successful Virtual Event with Social27  

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