We know that sessions are a popular form of virtual event content. When you think of a virtual event you probably think of one of the common session formats such as keynotes, webinars, or panels. There are a number of ways to make your sessions fun and engaging. However, to take your virtual event content to the next level you’ll need to vary your content strategy and go beyond sessions.

1. On Demand Content

Not all virtual event content needs to be delivered in the form of a live session – or in a session format at all! Provide event content that can be accessed before, during, or after the event on the attendee’s own schedule. 

Leveraging pre-event on demand content can also add depth to your session content. Ask speakers to create short videos designed for on demand viewing that cover introductory information on the topic that they will be discussing. This lays a strong foundation for the session by ensuring that everyone has the 101-level knowledge that they need to fully understand the session content. 

You can also make on demand content available after the event to allow people to access it to refresh their memories. 76% of attendees go back to access event content after the event has ended. This is a great way to provide value longer-term to attendees. 

2. User Generated Virtual Event Content 

Attendees themselves can be a great source of virtual event content! User generated content provides attendees with an opportunity to share their own thoughts, ideas, and knowledge with their fellow attendees. 

Incorporating user generated content also makes the event experience. The information learned during sessions and other content more memorable through better information retention. For example, you could encourage users to create their own video content to discuss their key takeaways from a session or their thoughts on the topic. This helps memory retention as speaking information out loud, teaching or explaining information to others, discussing new concepts, and relating information to things you already know all help you retain information more effectively. These videos can also serve as social proof. 

On Social27 Virtual Event Platform, attendees have a couple different ways to contribute their own content: 

  • Hello World! Videos: 30-second videos that attendees create as part of their profile – and are surfaced in the Networking Lounge. These are similar to TikTok videos or Instagram Reels, so creating them should feel easy and familiar for attendees. They also help attendees introduce themselves to others and show their personality or let people know what they want to learn during the event. 
  • Soapbox Videos: short videos that enable attendees to share key takeaways, hot takes, and initiate conversations with other attendees. 

3. Get People Moving 

Break up a big day of sessions by providing activities that get people up and moving! Plan a workout class or provide access to on demand wellness content such as guided meditations or yoga videos to help people practice some self-care during the event day. 

You could also host a virtual concert or DJ set to get people energized and moving. Musical experiences make memorable and shareable content for virtual events that attendees can share on social media.

You can also provide some audio-only content to give attendee’s eyes and break. Audio only formats also make it easier for people to move around without feeling like they’ll miss out on anything. Encourage attendees to listen on their phones and take a walk for some fresh air and exercise.

4. Give Attendees Something to Remember the Event By 

The experience of attending a virtual event and the memories made should leave a lasting impression, but it never hurts to give them something more tangible to remember the event by. 

At in-person events, attendees often accumulate a variety of swag items to take home from the event organizer and the exhibiting sponsors. These items serve as a fun reminder of their time at the event. Only 30% of virtual event organizers send their attendees giveaways. Sending a gift basket with swag from the event organizer or sponsors is a great way to bring some of the fun of in-person events to attendees at home and give them something to remember the event by. It can seem insignificant, but little items like branded grocery bags or reusable water bottles will be used repeatedly by recipients. Each time they see the logo on their swag they’ll think of the event and the company that provided them the item! This is a simple way to provide a lasting memory to attendees. 

A great alternative that reduces shipping time and costs is to offer downloadable or electronic giveaway items. Encourage sponsors and exhibitors to do the same – and ensure that you choose an event platform that supports downloadable content at sponsor booths, like Social27 Virtual Event Platform. These can be coupons, useful downloadable e-books or reference guides, or even a small e-gift card to a coffee chain. It just needs to be something that they will utilize after the event. 

5. Gamification 

Incorporate gamification into your event to encourage attendees to explore the event content more in depth and add a fun competitive element to your event.  

Gamification allows attendees to get competitive in a friendly way to earn rewards by completing set challenges or tasks to earn points and work their way up the Leaderboard. Prizes can be awarded to those at the top of the Leaderboard, or event organizers can allow attendees to trade in their points for prizes.  

Gamification makes your event more exciting and memorable, and it ensures that they aren’t missing out on all that your event has to offer. Many attendees do attend virtual events and just focus on sessions, but gamification can help you direct them to the other interactive content that your event has to offer for a fully event experience. 

Create Memorable Virtual Event Content on Social27 Virtual Event Platform   

Social27 Virtual Event Platform provides a wide range of content delivery features that can help you create unique and memorable event experiences. From opportunities for attendees to generate their own content to on demand viewing options and downloadable resources – Social27 Virtual Event Platform can help you deliver content that will leave a lasting impression. 

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