[Redmond, WA, May 18, 2020] Social27 has implemented their recommendation engine into Social27 Virtual Event Platform to provide a tailored experience to event attendees and rich insights to event hosts. The Recommendation Engine is implemented natively throughout the platform surfacing recommended Sessions, Connections, and Sponsors throughout the event as well as delivering types of content that best represent each attendee’s unique areas of interest.

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By giving attendees the opportunity to choose their top areas of interest, creating taste profile, and collaborative filtering, Social27 Virtual Event Platform’s recommendation engine will surface the people, sponsors, and content most relevant to each, individual attendee. Recommended content surfaces throughout the event from attendee’s profile pages, to their agendas, to sponsor Playlists. The recommendation engine will continually learn from attendee behavior to further customize their experience.

Ensuring attendees are connected with the right people and receiving the content most interesting to them ensures attendees stay engaged and get the best possible experience out of any event. It takes the friction out of the attendee journey while supporting their interests in learning, networking, and finding the right vendors. It also builds trust between attendees and the host organization by showing the host organization understands the interests and needs of all its attendees.

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