When I worked in the auto industry, one of the biggest challenges I faced how difficult it was to pick out qualified buyers from the large influx of online leads.

On the other hand, I would often hear customers complain about the buying process; mainly how many times they had to reach out, email or call before they could gather the information they needed to make a buying decision.

Like many other industries, this issue isn’t about supply and demand, because prospects are reaching out and dealerships are seeing leads coming in.

It’s more about the fragmented process that’s in place…..a process that requires human touch for every inquiry and most dealers don’t have the bandwidth to chase and follow up every lead.

The leads that are responded to are not always consistent based on who is responding, the information provided is not always up to date, especially when it comes to inventory, and there is rarely any follow up.

As all these extra works result in sales teams burning out, high employee turnover and the good leads are going to a competitor.

Solution (after)

What all this means for the dealership

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