Customer personalization is now becoming the new norm. From recommended Netflix TV shows popping up on your home page as you log-in, to Spotify playlists based on what you listened to in the past month, leveraging data in your own industry is now no longer an option, but a must.

However, many organizations struggle to leverage their own data in the correct way. So how can you leverage your own data so that you can build a data-first, data-driven business?

Let’s first look at what a data-driven approach is.

What is a Data-Drive Approach to Business?

A data-driven approach to business lets you leverage data from your business at every turn so that you can make more informed decisions to serve your customers, and in turn their own clients, better. With the correct data at hand, you are equipped to further tailor the content you serve your customers.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform gives any business the power to automate, orchestrate, and drive insights with their own data.

In our own day-to-day operations at Social27, Power BI and Microsoft Power Automate are the perfect fit. Since we are focused on producing intelligence-first business models, we have created a suite of solutions that, in combination with Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and the Power Platform, provide a less friction or no-friction buyers journeys for our customers. By reducing friction in the buyer’s journey, we can help our customers close deals faster.

Most of our everyday business operations are automated by utilizing Power Platform. By using all of the core technologies that Power Platform has to offer, we provide our clients with rich insights into how their marketing content is performing with their current customers, which allows them to then customize their content to better fit potential or future customer’s needs. Enabling clients to automate their marketing and sales efforts allows us to enable them with success. Plus, our solutions tie perfectly into Teams so that customers can keep and access everything from one single location.

Let’s take a look at some of the core technologies of Microsoft Power Platform and how you can enable them in your business for your own workloads:

Power Platform

Power BI: Power BI allows employees at your organization to receive and visualize deep, data-driven insights.

Power Automate: Power Automate lets employees automate workflows with absolutely no coding experience.

Power Apps: Power Apps empowers employees to easily build low-code apps to solve their everyday challenges.

When using Power Platform, you can also securely store and manage you and your employees’ data from business applications with Microsoft’s Common Data Service.

Common Data Service

The data within Common Data Service is collected behind Power Platform’s business solutions and is stored within a set of “entities,” which is a set of records used to store data. We at Social27 leverage standard entities that cover typical scenarios, while also creating custom entities specific to our own customers’ needs. We then populate them with data using Power Query, which enables us to create a business-focused definition of an organization’s data so that ultimately, we can use Power Apps to build intelligent, useful applications.

The entities in which Common Data Service supports us to house only high data quality and reduce repetitive code throughout our custom business solutions.

The three components of the Power Platform (Power BI, Power Automate and Power Apps) enable us to provide our customers, and our client’s customers, with a no-friction buyer’s journey.

Putting them to use

With Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps and Common Data Service all in one single platform, businesses like yours can take an data-driven approach to business models. This enables you to analyze your data, build helpful solutions with the help of AI and automate processes across your organization.

Are you new to these approaches? Microsoft has provided three, free short learning paths to help businesses get started on their data driven goals.

At Social27

Leveraging automation is a great way to help your business thrive. Being an automation company and a Microsoft Gold partner, we here at Social27 are experts on utilizing data to its fullest potential. To learn more about how to automate and accelerate your buyer’s journey with our help, please visit

And don’t forget to check out the full video about Power Platform and Common Data Service.